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About Andri Daulay

Andri Daulay is a Licensed NLP Trainer and NLP Coach Trainer, a Micro Expression Expert and a  Life Coach. He is also a seasoned public speaker in the area of Applied NLP, leadership, personal development, selling with NLP and human resource management.

Andri was a Business Graduate from Andalas University Padang, Indonesia. He also holds Magister Management in Human Resources Management from Padjadjaran University Bandung – Indonesia. In addition to his International License of NLP Trainer and Coach Trainer from The Society of NLP, USA, he is a certified Consultant Hypnotist from NGH, USA and a Micro Expression practitioner from Paul Ekman International.

Having coached at many different levels, he is currently a formal coach for several client of his. As an ex-banking professional, Andri was awarded a Level 4 certification from BSMR (Badan Sertifikasi Manajemen Resiko) using the Global Association of Risk Professional (GARP) standards.

Andri speaks fluent Bahasa Indonesia and English and also has some proficiency in Bahasa Malaysia. In his spare time he loves to play golf with his two boys and enjoys traveling to new places with his entire family.